6 cups High Pressure rice cooker CRP-R0607F


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Satisfy your rice cravings for longer with Cuckoo.

Ever experienced the disappointment of having your rice turn cold, dry and hard, after only being left for 2 hours after cooking? This is never the case for Cuckoo’s high pressure rice cooker!

Satisfy your rice cravings with warm, fluffy and delicious rice.

hours with this intelligent device! With its tight locking system, it seals the vent to trap the heat inside, ensuring your rice to stay warm and fresh.

Experiment with its multiple cooking options to create stews, porridge and GABA rice! With its trustworthy 1 year warranty, what is stopping you?



  • Voice Guide Function : Korean, English
  • Gaba Brown Rice Cooking & Mixed Rice Cooking
  • X-well Coating Inner Pot
  • Auto-Steam Cleaning
  • Capacity : 1.08 Liter, 6 Cups
  • Electric Current : 240 Volt / 50 Hz
  • Warranty : 12 months
  • Made in Korea


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