Cuckoo 10 cups Smart IH High Pressure rice cooker CRP-CHSS1009FN


  • Full Stainless Steel Body
  • Feeds up to 10 people
  • Equipped with Smart NFC (Near Field Communication)
    Android OS smartphones only
  • Washable Cover Packing & Auto Steam Cleaning
  • English, Chinese, and Korean Voice Navigation


10 cups Smart IH High Pressure rice cooker CRP-CHSS1009FN

<The Cooking Pot>

  • Cuckoo’s rice pot has one of the best designs you’ll see in a rice cooker. It is certainly built to last. It is made of full stainless steel with a curved design. The curve allows even distribution of the heat during the cooking process, which gives you better results.
  • It also has two layers of coating. The stainless steel non-stick coating and an exterior Air Bubble Coating which allows the pot to quickly conduct heat but also protects the pot from damaging IH coils.

<How Smart Is Cuckoo IH Cooker?>
Cuckoo Electronics, with an experience of over 39 years, was able to develop a smart algorithm system that allows to get the exact taste and texture of rice you really desire.

Thanks to its DSP Chip, Cuckoo cooker controls the pressure and heat by the minute to deliver the right taste and texture for each dish.
You will get the best results for each grain of rice you choose, every single time.

<Other Great Features>

  • Auto Steam Clean system is one of the most useful features you’ll find in your Cuckoo cooker. With a push of a button, a strong jet of steam is released to clean and sanitize the interior of your rice cooker. Another steam vent releases steam after cooking to prevent bacteria and odor from occurring.
  • A thermal fuse prevents the cooker from overheating, But in the case that happens, an alarm for overheating activates for your safety.
  • A slow open mechanism of the lid opens the lid slowly, which prevents it from easily breaking.
  • Multi-cook function allows you to prepare food other than rice like meat and poultry, vegetables and more. Baking function allows you to bake in the same cooker, too.

<Is The Cuckoo CRP-CHSS1009FN Worth Its Price?>

This model of Cuckoo rice cooker comes with a price that makes you wonder, is it worth it?

The Cuckoo Cooker is the first in the world with Induction Heating as Pressure cooking as powerful as 2 Atm. It is Made in Korea, and if there’s one thing Korean-made products are known for, it is top-notch quality.

Cuckoo’s Smart Algorithm ensures that you are getting the absolute best result for the type of grain you’re cooking. And the design of the quality of the cooking pot ensure that you get a full pot of perfect rice as quick as possible by evenly distributing the heat. The second layer of the pot protects it from being damaged by the IH coils, which ensures its durability.

Apart from rice, you can use your Cuckoo to cook delicious and tender meats and poultry or steam vegetables. You can also bake in it, making it a multi-cooking appliance.

Speaking of GABA Rice, one of the hardest rice grain to cook! Cuckoo ensures that it can deliver fresh, soft and absolutely tasty GABA rice that cannot be compared to other brand results.

Main Features

  • Direct Touch
  • Energy Eye Function
  • Double Layered Rubber packing
  • Detachable Cover
  • Energy Saving
  • Programmable Pressure Cooking
  • Customized Temperature & Time setting
  • Voice Navigation
  • Non Stop Steam Emission
  • Soft Lid
  • Water Drainage
  • Digital Signal Processor
  • Auto Steam Cleaning
  • Double Soft Steam Cap
  • Smart Algorithm

21 Safety Features

  • Magnetic Safety sensor of top lid
    [Reed Switch]
  • Remaining Pressure Emitting Device
  • Over-Heat Preventing Fuse
  • Device For Critical Pressure
  • Lid Locking Device
  • Electric Current Fuse
  • Thermal Fuse
  • Circuit Board Fuse
  • Soft Steam Cap
  • Auto Steam Emission Device
  • Pressure Control Device
  • Sensor for 3D Warming
  • Auto Temperature Controlling Device
  • Non Revertible Device
  • Detachable Cover Detection
  • Lock Checking Device for Safety
  • Alarm For Overheating
  • Pressure Control Device
    [Safety Packing]
  • Inner Pot Detection Device
  • Blocking Protection Cover
  • Slow Open Mechanism

Additional information

Country of Origin





10 cups



Voice Navigation



230V~240V / 50 Hz

Power Consumption




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