Cuckoo 3 cups rice cooker/warmer CR-0331


  • Telfon Coating (inner Pot)
  • Feeds up to 3 people
  • Orange bottom
  • Electric Warmer rice cooker
  • Made in Korea

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The Cuckoo CR-0331 is part of the general type, inexpensive rice cookers made by Cuckoo. It has a switch that toggles between “Cook” and “Warm”. This model has a rice cooking capacity of 3 cups raw rice. It has a solid outer lid and a metal inner lid. Its steam vent has a small knob that can redirect the steam either to the left or to the right.

Does its pot have a nonstick coating?

The inner pot of the CR-0331 rice cooker has a Teflon coating. The coating reduces food sticking and makes it easy to clean. Never use hard, sharp or abrasive materials when cooking and cleaning to protect the nonstick coating.

Can the lid be taken off for cleaning?

The outer lid cannot be removed, it can only open and close on its hinge. However, the shiny metal inner lid should be removed and cleaned after every use, otherwise it might become moldy. The inner lid is held by the rubber piece in the middle. Pull the inner lid out with the rubber piece and wash it. Remember to push the lid back into its place before cooking the next batch of rice.

Can it cook stew or make soup?

The Cuckoo CR-0331 is only intended for cooking rice. It does not have a special menu setting for cooking other dishes. Use it only for cooking white or brown rice.

Does it have a delay timer?

It does not have a delay timer. It has no LCD display or buttons of that sort. It is a simple cook/warm type electric rice cooker without any digital control panel.

Will it work in New Zealand?

It uses 240 volt power, 50 Hz. It perfectly works with regular NZ power outlets.

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3 cups

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230V~240V / 50 Hz

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